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Top Animal Charities In the US

Animal lovers across the country might consider donating to charities that have the best interest of fur, feather, and scale bearing creatures in mind. Numerous charities exist. However, not all organizations use the majority of profits for the benefit of animals. But, there are many organizations that come highly recommended.

Best Friends Animal Society

For more than three decades, the Utah-based organization has been devoted to efforts designed to reduce animals killed in shelters in the United States. The Best Friends Society strives to end euthanasia by encouraging the adoption and neutering of pets. The facility also acts as a sanctuary for cats, dogs, birds, horses, and other animal species. By scanning the pages of the website, visitors may also find adoptable pets housed at the facility or in locations in other states.

Friends of Animals

Proceeds donated to the non-profit organization help finance affordable neutering for household pets. The organization matches pet owners with veterinarians across the country who donate their skills in pet neutering at a reduced cost. The organization also operates an animal sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas known as Primarily Primates. The facility care for hundreds of primates and other animal species that were victims of the entertainment industry, research, and the exotic pet trade. FDA is also actively engaged in assisting many other world charities that promote the health and well-being of animals.

Animal Welfare Institute

Since 1951, the organization has been devoted to reducing the abuse of animals at the hands of humans. They remain devoted to establishing humane treatment of animals in private homes, on farms, in laboratories, and in their natural habitats. The organization works to encourage the enactment of the legislation, The website explains the many ways that animals in all types of environments endure suffering each day. They also offer advice as to how individuals may help to improve the quality of an animal’s life.

African Wildlife Foundation

The organization works to protect more than 80 species of animals in Africa through conservation efforts that include helping to create sanctuaries, fighting to stop poaching and animal trafficking. They also strive to educate communities and governments about the importance of ensuring that animal species survive and thrive along with how humans may peacefully exist alongside animal species.