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Conservation Donations: Who To Donate To

Conservation is the protection and promotion of new growth within endangered species. This cause may seem distant to some people because of where they live. However, it is real and impacting species all across the globe. Even if you do not live close to any endangered species that you can volunteer your time to help, making a monetary donation will go a long way toward protecting endangered species.

  1.  Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund is a national agency within the United States that permanently protects over 800 acres. This means that the Conservation Fund is working everywhere, maybe even closer to your home than you think! In addition to their reach, they also expand past endangered species and into urban landscapes, monuments, and protecting forests.

  1.  Rainforest Action Institute

Everyone had a unit in school on the rainforest, but not many Americans have visited it. The Rainforest Action Institute fights internationally to protect forests and organize non-violent grass-roots movements to make a change. This is a great organization to donate to if you’ve been bothered by agriculture’s impact on the rainforests.

  1.  Oceana

Oceana is the world’s largest non-profit organization that is dedicated exclusively to the oceans of the world. This organization works to protect ocean animals from the harmful effects of pollution. They also promote Responsible Fishing. You won’t see Oceana tackling too many projects at one time. They narrow in on a few specific topics to address at once to produce measurable change.

  1.  Jane Goodall Institute

The Jane Goodall Institute works to keep chimpanzees, great apes, and other primates safe worldwide. They do this by building sanctuaries, educating the public, and fighting illegal trafficking. The Jane Goodall Institute also advocates for free health care and education for girls in African communities.

  1.  The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Founded in 1889 to oppose the use of feathers in fashion, this organization is dedicated to end the destruction of birds and promote the protection of birds. They manage two hundred nature preserves, protect and restore habitats for birds, research problems facing birds, and conduct recovery projects. It also posts the Big Garden Birdwatch every year so you can count birds at your home.