Cesar Ornelas San Antonio, TX

Teaching Others About Philanthropy

Some families have a special philanthropy of their own. Others volunteer for charities or other philanthropic efforts. No matter what the relationship to philanthropy, it is something that should be taught to all kids. At its heart, philanthropy is about giving back to others and the community. Here are some ways that parents can teach their children about philanthropy.


Introduce the Family Philanthropy

If the family has founded a philanthropy, a great way to introduce the idea of philanthropy to the children is through the idea of shared values. One way to do this is to take a look back at the family’s history. Reflect on how other family members have given back to charity and the shared values that the family has. It is important to remember that the children’s values may be different than the rest of the family and that is ok! Giving back in any manner should be encouraged. This will also help the child to form their own ideas and beliefs about the word.


Lead by Example

This is an excellent way to introduce the idea of philanthropy to kids of any age. Collecting supplies to be donated to a local animal shelter or cans for a soup kitchen is one way to give back to the people and animals in the community. Additionally, take time around the holidays to give back to others. Use this opportunity to talk to kids about how it is nice to help others when you can.


Take Initiative

Another way to teach kids about charity is to get into the place where they spend most of their time, the classroom! Collaborate with the child’s classroom teacher to either go in and speak on giving back to charity or invite someone to talk to the class. This is a great way to introduce kids to the idea of helping others.


Remember No Gesture is too Small

When teaching kids about the art of giving back, it is critical to remind them that giving back does not always have to occur in the form of a monetary donation. Something as simple as baking cookies for an elderly neighbor is a thoughtful way to give back that barely costs any money.