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Disaster Relief Organizations

Disaster Relief Organizations

Disasters are inevitable. Natural causes such as floods, tornados, hurricanes strike when people least expect it. The same also applies to human-engineered reasons, for example, terrorist attacks. Fortunately, people living in disaster-stricken areas can now get help, thanks to several disaster relief organizations. These include;

The Red Cross

Many people have probably heard of the Red Cross. As one of the most successful disaster relief organizations, several individuals have volunteered to carry out disaster relief work across the globe. Moreover, the organization carries out other activities such as educational programs, supporting and comforting families that lose their loved ones in the military, and collecting and distributing donated blood.

The Red Cross also provides jobs because it is large enough to accommodate many individuals in their line of work.

FEMA`s Emergency Management Institute

The Federal Emergency Management Agency organizes and coordinates the Emergency Management Institute to carry out disaster relief activities in the USA. The institute is backed up by government actions to train the best professionals in to save the day. The experts are also well equipped to respond quickly to disaster-stricken areas.

The Salvation Army

The disaster relief organization has a Christian background. It is active in the UK and the USA to assist with emergency issues across the countries. The organization`s ability to respond fast is backed up by the several volunteers and members involved. As such, they can mobilize people to assist in any area of the country with the least difficulty.

The Southern Baptist Convention

USA`s Southern Baptist Convention has many members and volunteers to respond to disasters quickly. The organization`s primary focus is to prepare and distribute food to individuals in need. As such, they get significant activity from people who enjoy cooking and helping out. They have around 65000 experts who have been trained to volunteer for relief work across the country. Subsequently, the large size and the frequency of stretching out help officially mark it as one of the largest disaster relief organizations in the States.


In essence, the above relief organizations operate for a good cause. Anyone who can lend their spare time for disaster relief nonprofits would be of help to many victims of disaster strikes. Besides volunteering to be part of them, it would still be admirable to begin one to help the community.