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Tips For The Best Philanthropic Trips

Tips for the Best Philanthropic Trips

The tourism industry is worth billions of dollars. A tourist might spend 100 dollars in a developing country, only 5 dollars will remain in the country; that is a 95% loss. The efforts to eliminate this loss lie in ‘volunteerisms.’ Volunteerisms is a combination of volunteering and tourism, a popular concept for close to two decades.

People in the world today want to make a difference while they explore the world. They seek more purposeful travel experiences. These people want to take part in community development projects of the places they visit. Luckily there are various platforms, such as Go Phil, that offer such experiences.

In the past, donors and volunteers contributed material things to community projects. However, in recent years the ineffectiveness of this method has become apparent. It is necessary to identify the most suitable solutions for the unique needs of communities; the following tips help tourists make informed and successful philanthropic actions.

  1. Identifying Authentic Programs

Corruption and greed cripple the underprivileged communities of the world. Cases of donations disappearing into thin air are common in the philanthropic world. Volunteer tourists should do extensive research on the legitimate organizations for hands-on development across India, Africa, and the Caribbean.

  1. Philanthropy strengthens local projects

The common myth around philanthropy is that the less fortunate cannot solve their problems. In most cases, all communities have mechanisms set up to alleviate the challenges they face. Philanthropy in these communities should gear towards scaling the impact of these communities by providing the means. Volunteers’ jobs are not to bring ideas but develop the preexisting ones. This consideration fosters the smooth flow of development.

  1. There are no Assumptions in Philanthropy

The common practice in philanthropy is giving is donor- oriented solutions. For instance, a donor to a Kenya program to rescue young girls from FGM and forced early marriages offered computers for the girls’ education. Coincidentally, the project location had no access to electricity. Volunteer tourism presents donors the chance to get honest conversations around the needs of the poor.

  1. Philanthropy is a Sensitive Task

There is a sought of callousness in photographing and recording people’s lives for the justifiable purpose of getting aid. There are victims of violence as well as traumatized children that need trained/ professional care. Their poverty is not an excuse for abusing a universal right to privacy and their sense of dignity. Volunteers should privately engage the communities; this will inspire automatic and dignified giving and receiving on both ends.