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4 Things You Need to Know About Philanthropy

Everyone in society has a chance to practice “everyday giving,” where all individuals do their part in this world. Chances are, when asked, most people express an interest in philanthropic work but are not sure where to begin. Knowing the basics about giving back is a great place to start building a foundation of helpfulness.

Philanthropy means “love of humanity.” Even people who are not currently involved in philanthropic causes care for humanity. Somewhere deep down, each person on this earth has the desire to protect their community and give back to others.

The following are four things you may not have known about philanthropy. In understanding this, you may begin to see yourself as a philanthropist.

Micro-giving matters

Small donations, when combined, can help organizations out immensely. Even if you can’t hand over a large sum of money, you can still make a difference. Every little bit counts when it comes to philanthropy and charity. Make your mark by choosing a charity that aligns with your values and set a budget to donate each quarter. Over time, your generous donations will

Young People Can Be Philanthropists

The old ways of approaching philanthropy are changing and growing. Society has now accepted the idea that it is never too early to begin the habit of supporting worthy causes. Recent data shows that the Millennial generation has been generous and actively engaged in causes they care about. Though they are characterized poorly in the media, millennials are great assets to the overall wholeness of our country. The 2014 Millennial Impact Report showed that 87 percent of millennials gave financially to a nonprofit in the previous year. More so, the average donation given by millennials was one hundred dollars. It is never too early to start practicing love and begin building beneficial habits for the future.

You Can Take Risks with Donors’ Money

It’s important that donors and those they fund be on the same page regarding money. To some degree, nonprofit organizations have the freedom to allocate your donation to fit their needs at the best time. This practice is acceptable and works more smoothly when the donor is flexible about where their dollars go. If you are curious about your donation, you can ask your local organizations to explain to you exactly where it’s going and how it is being used.

“Doing Good” for Others and Making Money Can Work Together

Companies like Warby Parker, TOMS, and Patagonia have proven that companies who tie a social mission to their business purpose can succeed. Social impact investments such as these can be financially profitable and generate social improvement. You can participate in giving back by purchasing a new pair of socks from Bombas, a company that donates a pair of socks with each purchase. There are many ways to give back, and there is money to be made when executed appropriately.

Philanthropy is everyone’s business. No one person is excluded from the ability to contribute to the greater society. Cesar Ornelas has adopted the strategies mentioned above and includes them in his everyday love. Cesar became involved in philanthropy as a novice, proving that anyone can contribute to society through charity and volunteering.

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