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4 Things You Need to Know About Philanthropy

Everyone in society has a chance to practice “everyday giving,” where all individuals do their part in this world. Chances are, when asked, most people express an interest in philanthropic work but are not sure where to begin. Knowing the basics about giving back is a great place to start building a foundation of helpfulness. …

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Five Benefits of Volunteering

The world’s issues are becoming more urgent by the day. Food insecurity, infectious disease, wars and conflicts, water shortages, and extreme poverty are just the tip of the iceberg for addressing our planet’s pressing problems. And, to make matters worse, COVID-19 has increased the number of people who need assistance from their neighbors.  This goes …

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Disaster Relief Organizations

Disaster Relief Organizations

Disasters are inevitable. Natural causes such as floods, tornados, hurricanes strike when people least expect it. The same also applies to human-engineered reasons, for example, terrorist attacks. Fortunately, people living in disaster-stricken areas can now get help, thanks to several disaster relief organizations. These include; The Red Cross Many people have probably heard of the …

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Teaching Others About Philanthropy

Some families have a special philanthropy of their own. Others volunteer for charities or other philanthropic efforts. No matter what the relationship to philanthropy, it is something that should be taught to all kids. At its heart, philanthropy is about giving back to others and the community. Here are some ways that parents can teach …

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Top Animal Charities In the US

Animal lovers across the country might consider donating to charities that have the best interest of fur, feather, and scale bearing creatures in mind. Numerous charities exist. However, not all organizations use the majority of profits for the benefit of animals. But, there are many organizations that come highly recommended. Best Friends Animal Society For …

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How to Start a Community Garden

Starting a community garden cultivates so much more than just plants. Community gardens can be deeply rewarding communal spaces for the self, the neighborhood, and the environment, providing both a sense of tranquility and that bouquet of freshly sourced herbs you need for the evening’s homemade pasta endeavor. Pesto from scratch, anyone? Whether it’s pesto …

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Volunteering At A Soup Kitchen: What You Should Know

Interested in volunteering at a soup kitchen? If you have not had the opportunity to work a shift or two at one, you would be most welcome as a volunteer. Why volunteer? There are as many reasons as there are volunteers. Some people are there because they believe it’s something they should do simply because …

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Volunteering With Kids: Steps You’ll Have to Take

Volunteering with kids, whether your own children or a stranger’s, can be an invaluable experience for you and for the children involved. If you’re volunteering with your own child, then it can serve as an opportunity to teach them how to help people, and to show them the beauty in giving. When you volunteer to …

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